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Licensure Supervison

About Supervision

Supervision is a place of growth and learning where one can gain clarity into their own practice by their supervisor. Supervision is a requirement by Washington State for those holding an associates license as part of the process of becoming fully licensed. As part of the legal requirements for supervision an approved supervisor shall have full knowledge of the licensure candidate's practice activities including: (a) Record Keeping; (b) financial management; (c) Ethics of Clinical Practice; and (d) The licensure candidate's backup plan for coverage in times when the licensure candidate is not available to their clients.

Depending on what license you are working towards, there are a certain number of hours towards supervision I am able to give to contribute towards obtaining your license. If you are working towards becoming and LMHC then I can provide all of your licensure supervision. If you are working towards obtaining another mental health provider license, and you aren't sure what is allowed, then reach out and we can discuss your options.

I follow the Discrimination Model for supervision by Bernard, J.M (1979). This means that at any given moment, the supervisor responds from one of nine orientations (3 roles x 3 foci). This allows the supervisor to quickly adapt to the supervisee's needs. The supervisor switches between the roles of teacher, counselor, and consultant. With varying foci of conceptualization skills, personalization skills, and implmentation skills. 

Payment Options

Supervision cost= $90 per 90 minute session for 1on1

$70 per person for a 90 minute session for a 2 on1*

No insurance options as insurance does not cover the cost of supervision.

*Some licenses do not allow for this option, we will discuss more if this is a possibility for you. This option is also only available when agreed upon by two supervisees to work together, and with the permission of this supervisor.

Meeting Options

There are currently two office locations available to meet in for supervision. One location in University Place, WA, the other in Gig Harbor, WA. Supervision is also offered online, which is often the easier preference for time and availability. See the bottom of the page under contact information for more specifics about current office locations, or reach out to see if other openings may be available that better meet your needs.

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